Operation Roundup

A community service program from Wabash County REMC

Your spare change alone may not make a big difference – however then you combine that spare change of all your neighbors, it can change lives. With that concept in mind, Wabash County REMC established Operation Round Up as a way for the 5,500 members of the REMC to combine their spare change for the benefit of the communities in this area.

Using monthly donations from Wabash County REMC members, a trust fund has been set up with the goal of making a big difference with small change. By allowing the REMC to round up your monthly electric bill to the higher dollar amount each month, the extra pennies are contributed to the Wabash County REMC Trust fund.

The Trust uses the money collected from Operation Round Up to provide financial assistance for projects which benefit the community and community organizations within the Wabash County REMC service area.

How does it work?

Those members who volunteer to participate in Operation Round Up agree to have their electric bill rounded up each month to the next higher dollar amount. Those few cents each month are deposited in a separate account. For example, if your bill this month is $81.75, the bill would automatically be rounded up to $82.00, and the extra 25¢ would be deposited in the Wabash County REMC Trust fund. Each member’s donation amounts to an average of $6.00 per year.

Who Distributes the funds?

The donations to the Wabash County REMC Trust fund are distributed by a group of members appointed by, but operating independently of, Wabash County REMC. The board of directors of Wabash County REMC appoints volunteer members to serve as independent trustees of the Trust fund. Grant payment decisions are solely the responsibility of these independent trustees.

How are the funds distributed?

The trustees of Wabash County REMC Trust meet on a regular basis to review the grant applications and select which grants are funded. None of the Trust funds can be used for any political purpose, nor be used to pay any electric bill, nor be given to any individual. Only grant requests from non-profit and charitable organizations or community service organizations will be considered.

The next grant review deadline is October 7, 2014.

What can grants be used for?

The Operation Round Up program will provide financial aid to fund special projects of community and service organizations within the Wabash County REMC service area. Operation Round Up funds are commonly used for, but not limited to; community service projects, economic development, food banks, health and rescue organizations, educational projects, disaster relief, youth programs and special projects of non-profit organizations. The Operation Round Up funds must be used to benefit the community as a whole.

100% of the Operation Round Up donations are given back to the community. The small administrative cost to run the program is paid by Wabash County REMC.

How do charitable organizations request assistance?

Local non-profit or community service organizations must complete a grant application form and submit it to the trustees of Wabash County REMC Trust. Interested parties can contact the REMC office at 563-2146 or 800-563-2146 for information regarding the Operation Round Up program or to request a grant application. The completed grant application form will be reviewed at the next scheduled trustee meeting of Wabash County REMC Trust.

Do I have a participate in Operation Round Up?

The Operation Round Up program is voluntary. Each member will automatically be enrolled; however you may request not to participate at any time, by calling our office at 563-2146 or 800-563-2146.

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