Power Outages

If your power is off

Check your fuses or circuit breakers first.
If possible, check to see if your neighbors have power.
If the problem is with incoming REMC power, please call our office immediately.
DO NOT assume your neighbor has called.

To report an outage

Power outages must be reported to the REMC Call Center toll-free 866.336.2492

Please have the following information ready when you report an outage:

  • The name under which the service is listed
  • If possible, the location and account number shown on the bill
  • Your telephone number (in case we need to call you back)
  • The problem … power completely out, lights dimming or flickering, etc.

Please be patient while our crews restore your power. We will work at the fastest and safest possible speed.

Wabash County REMC - Contact Us

Mailing Address:
350 Wedcor Ave.
Wabash, IN 46992

(260) 563-2146
or 800-563-2146
Fax: (260) 563-1523

General E-Mail:

Office Hours:
7:30am –4:30pm, Monday through Friday

Outage Reporting:
Toll-Free 1-866-336-2492

To Request an Underground Wire Locate:
You must call: 8-1-1

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